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10 Details You Don’t Know About Kanye’s Proposal to Kim

Here I go. Again.

Like, oh my gawd, have you heard? KANYE AND KIM ARE ENGAGED! Yes! He totally put a ring on it, popping the question in front of their friends and family and most beloved E! cameramen at Giants’ AT&T Park in San Francisco. And, while you may be able to get some of the engagement details on sites such as E! or Us Weekly, only the Big Hair Network has the REAL scoop on how everything went down, including these…

10 Details You Don’t Know About Kanye’s Proposal to Kim

10. Kim and Kanye became very excited when they saw the script and found out they were going to get engaged.

9. Kanye selected a diamond that is massive and “jaw-dropping” — AKA “The Kanye Ego Cut.”

8. Kanye and the family thought a MLB game was the perfect venue for the proposal because Kim is a fan of letting guys round the bases with her in front of a camera.

7. Before proposing to Kim, Kanye got down on one knee to pray to himself.

6. Kanye then kicked off his proposal by taking Kim’s hand and murmuring, “I’m not saying you’re a gold digger; I’m just saying you have to sign this pre-nup that proves it.”

5. Vera Wang has offered Kim a frequent bride discount on her dress.

4. Kanye has already named himself the Best Man.

3. Instead of sending congratulatory cards to Kim and Kanye, Kris Jenner has requested that you send all congratulations to E! and their family of advertisers.

2. Kim has eschewed the need for a professional wedding photographer in favor of posting half-naked bridal selfies on Instagram.

1. Kanye has already written his vows, ending with the promise: “Imma let you finish — forever.”

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