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14 Dating Profiles That Will Make You Hug Your Cat and Pinot Closer

Every once in a while when my single friends tell me stories about hitting the clubs ’til 4AM, I think, “Oh, to be single and childless again.” And when they tell me stories about the stress of trying to meet good guys on dating sites, I think, “Oh, thank goodness I’m happily married with kids.”

And when I tell them that I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a year and they smell the milk-crusted lining in my Marc Jacobs purse, they surely think, “Oh, thank goodness I don’t have kids.”

If you are an ol’ married person who enjoys hearing tidbits about the dating scene, or if you are single and looking for a man with a certain, um, je ne sais quoi, or just happen to be a person who likes skimming bizarre photographs in her spare time, here are some real-life profile pics that single women actually have to wade through to find their prince on the dating site OKCupid.

These men may be lovely people who would make terrific life partners; however, keep in mind: these are the photos (and descriptions) of themselves they considered the most romantic and date-worthy.toxins-guy


For the woman who likes lighthearted conversation. (But not sheep. Evil bastards.)

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