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18 Fun Facts You Should Know About Bras and Boobs

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From the moment we sprout them, our breasts become a popular topic of conversation. Are we wearing the right bra? Are we using them to feed our babies? They’ve gotten bigger! They’ve deflated! What on earth has HAPPENED to them, anyway? Given how much we discuss these crazy orbs, I thought I would arm us with fun facts to interject into these boob-filled chats.

picture of bras

#1 – Women own, on average, nine bras. (Eight sexy ones to mollify their husbands and one that they actually wear.)

picture of hera

#2 – Ancient Greeks thought the Milky Way was made from drops of breast milk from the goddess Hera.

old vogue magazine

#3 – Vogue magazine first used the word “brassiere” in print in 1907. Only grandmothers and Duggar family members continue to use this word today.

picture of woman measuring breasts

#4 – 36C is today’s average bust size, which has increased from a 34B over the past 15 years. Which is, no doubt, due to…

picture of kourtney kardashian implants

#5 – The 290,000 breast enlargement surgeries performed in the U.S. in 2013 alone.

picture of woman unhooking bra

#6 – Most women will change in bra size six times over their lifetime. (But continue to try to stuff ourselves in our old, way-too-small favorite one.)

picture of bedazzled british flag bra

#7 – According to studies, British women have the largest breasts; 50 percent wear at least a D cup. (“Hey, want to take a family vacation in London?” –My husband)

picture of cash money bra

#8 – $16 billion was spent on bras worldwide last year. Apparently, much of that was devoted to investing in enough fabric to cover British women’s breasts.

picture of woman with world's largest breasts

#9 – The woman with the worlds biggest breast augmentation is a 38KKK. (“Why, oh why, did she do this?!” — The woman’s lower back)

picture of women at topless rally

#10 – There is an NGO that fights for women’s rights to be topless. (Finally! A women’s cause that most men wholeheartedly support.)

picture of ivanka trump with different sized breasts

#11 – The left breast is usually bigger than the right. (Million-dollar idea: Push-up cups for right breasts.)

picture of scale one pound

#12 – The average breast weighs one pound or, approximately, one Kevin Hart.

China bra studies

#13 – In China, you can major in bra studies. I assume they’re graded on a curve.

picture of old push-up bra

#14 – The first push-up bra was introduced in the 1800s. Because, you know, corsets didn’t torture the female body nearly enough.

picture of Gisele in bedazzled bra

#15 – The most expensive bra in the world is Victoria’s Secret’s $15 million Red Hot Fantasy bra from 2000. For that price, Gisele had better come with it.

picture of simon cowell with man boobs

#16 – In 2008, there were nearly 18,000 breast reductions performed… on men.

picture of woman with world's largest breasts

#17 – The largest natural breasts recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records are 112 pounds. No, they are not Simon Cowell’s.

picture of silicone implant

#18 – Implants miraculously saved an Israeli woman from death by Hezbollah rocket attack. During the war, she was wounded in the chest by shrapnel but survived because of her boob job, done two years prior. While the patient is fine, the implant, unfortunately, did not survive. (R.I.P. brave implant)

Source: Brayola

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